How Therapy Can Save People Time and Money

Therapy has many benefits. Whether it is physiotherapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy, or the newest brain therapy, people can attain a higher quality of life without spending a small fortune. Massage therapy, for example, can stimulate the production of collagen in the face and neck. That naturally reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. No face lift needed. The cost, pain, and recovery time of a surgical procedure is eliminated.

A sports massage can relax sore muscles, relieve pain and stiffness, and reduce the risk of injury. Preventing a sprained ankle, tennis elbow, or shin splints avoids the need for braces, supports, or arthroscopic surgery. Tendons, joints, and ligaments remain flexible and strong.

Physical Therapy

This type of therapy can be used to help people recover from an accident, sports injury, and surgery faster. It also offers several benefits that can help avoid injury, surgery, and pain. Customized treatment plans also help with balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility. Those who want an alternative to surgery or prescription pain medications often seek physical therapy with successful results.

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Exercises, manual manipulation, heat, cold, and balance boards are the basic techniques used to increase functioning or build endurance. Machinery includes exercise cycles, treadmills, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. Massage is also used to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

Those who have mobility issues, suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, or need help adjusting to walking aids or prosthetic can utilize this therapy. Costs are lower than medical procedures, treatments are non-invasive, and pain management can be achieved without pills. To discover other benefits of physical and massage therapy, go to Free consultations are available to determine if therapy is the best course of action.

Breakthrough Therapy

Large therapy clinics, such as TurningPoint Medical Group, can offer the advantages of the latest technology available. One such revolutionary therapy is called GyroStim therapy that treats symptoms of brain injuries and conditions that also affect the central nervous systems. The main component of this therapy is the GyroStim Performa chair. A computer-controlled chair safely and comfortably rotates people at multiple axes while neural activity is stimulated in targeted brain regions.

This results in improvements in brain performance and balance. Fast-acting treatments are affordable and can be used to treat many conditions, disorders, and diseases. Those with cerebral palsy, vertigo, balance disorders, and ADHD experience improvements. Post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, autism, and Alzheimer’s patients are also finding relief from symptoms. Details on what to expect, what other conditions can be treated, and how to determine candidacy can be found at

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